The best ideas arise spontaneously....

... of passion and fun

Source of inspiration for BLOND was at the end of 2010, the new X-Yacht X-332, the two managing directors of Oleu-SAILS - Oliver Leu and Sascha Schwarck.
The name for the new conquest was quickly found: BLOND - like the hair colour of the two owners.

The BLOND yacht helped the bosses of Oleu SAIL in 2011 to a more than successful sailing regatta season. On deck, the victories were celebrated.
But not only that: the idea to conquer with Oleu SAIL new business bank, was born on board. The idea: Innovative bags sailcloth, which are not only functional for sailing excursions,
but combine style with trend. Now missing only the name. Brilliant But that is usually so close: BLOND. In spring 2012, it went into the creative phase.
The first samples were created, tested and improved. With the best premium materials we started our production of the first BLOND Bags.

We hope that you enjoy the bags as much as we do!  Get your bag and experience:

BLOND – The Bag Revolution.